Telemedicine is available for new and established patients, per a waiver in place during the state of emergency.

Schedule the appointment. The patient must call our office to request a video appointment. Be certain to request a video visit. Ensure the patient’s phone number and email address are up to date. Our staff will make sure your Patient Portal is active. Ensure the patient portal Username and Password are known. An email is required for Telehealth Access. Our staff will generate an email with login instructions and steps to download the PocketPatient(TM) application from the App Store

Download the PocketPatient(TM) App. The patient will open the email through their smartphone and select the hyperlink. This will redirect you to the App Store to download the PocketPatient(TM) application. The patient will enter our practice URL (, their username, and password to log into the app. These are the same credentials utilized when accessing our patient portal. The patient will select “Get Started” to access the appointments screen where they can join the Visit Video, once initiated by the provider.

Start video chat.  Your Physician will launch the video visit, enabling the patient to join. The patient will receive an email with a message indicating the provider is ready. The Patient may also receive a push notification on their device, if allowed, by the PocketPatient application. The video visit link provided to the patient will time out if the patient does not join within 10 minutes of the video visit being launched. After logging into the PocketPatient application, the patient will select Join Video Visit to be connected to the Provider.

Provider and Patient Interaction. Once the video visit is joined by the patient, the patient and Physician will interact via the video visit.

PRO TIP! Good lighting is critical to having a successful Video Visit. Use the best light in your home. 

Instructions for Telehealth Access

Instructional Videos:

PocketPatient for iPhone ​(iPhone or iPad)

PocketPatient for Android   

Telehealth for Patient Portal -if using desktop or laptop with camera and microphone, you must use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser.  

Further details. Through accessing the Video Visit, he patient will verify their identity with their date of birth and verbally consent to evaluation and management of their condition through telemedicine. These visits are performed through Telemedicine during the COVID-19 Health Crisis during a state of National Emergency. The patient shall be aware that we will bill their insurance for this visit following Medicare guidelines, but they may be responsible for some or all of the visit charges if their insurance deems this "non-covered."

Page updated 28-March-2020